Generic Pomegranate, Kesar, Cucumber, Mint - , Cucumber And Coconut Soap, Fairness Kesar Face Wash

  • Cucumber And Coconut Soap®

    cucumber, coconut soap
    • 75g

    Cucumber And Coconut Soap® energizing and cooling, this soap prevents body odor. Cucumber reduces excessive oiliness, and Coconut moisturizes the skin, which Turmeric enhances the complexion.

    $ 4.98
  • Fairness Kesar Face Wash®

    pomegranate, kesar, cucumber, mint
    • 100ml

    Fairness Kesar Face Wash® - an instant skin pick-me-up that gives you a rejuvenated glow. The natural complexion- enhancing properties of Saffron, the nourishing properties of Pomegranate, the cooling properties of Mint and the soothing properties of Cucumber indulge and pamper your skin.

    $ 8.32
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